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Coming to France (visas, vaccination, …) – FAQ [fr]

***FMCO : The visa section is opened every Monday and Friday***

The appointments have to be taken on-line (slots are opened 7 days before each session only). No appointment will be given by email.

Find answers to the frequently asked questions here. And keep up to date by consulting our website regularly!

Last update: October 6, 2021

1- Reopening of the borders of the European Union with Pass Sanitary #

As part of the measures to contain the spreading of COVID-19, individual Schengen States have introduced travel restrictions. Depending on the development of the epidemiological situation both within and outside the EU, travel restrictions may be eased or reintroduced.

From the 9th of June 2021, the European Union has decided to reopen their borders, for those who have completed the full process of vaccination.

All travellers are responsible for verifying the travel restrictions in place before departure. Holders of a visa are not automatically entitled to enter the France area and must respect the entry conditions applicable at the date of travel.

All travellers are also responsible for verifying with Malaysian Immigration about the conditions of Exit and Re-entry in Malaysia, whether for Malaysian citizens or citizens of a third country.

For all short stay visa applications, it will be mandatory to present your approval of exit and re-entry from MyTravelPass the day of submission.

Coming from Malaysia (amber zone)

Proof of vaccination Compelling reasons Test required prior boarding Test required on arrival Quarantine
I’m fully vaccinated (with a EU approved vaccine*) Not required Not required Not required Not required
I’m not vaccinated (or vaccinated with only 1 dose / or if vaccinated with unauthorised vaccine in EU) List of compelling reasons** PCR test negative <72 hours or antigenic negative <48 hours Random antigenic testing 7 days Self-isolation

*Authorised vaccines by the EU : Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson.

Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines administered in Malaysia are all recognised in Europe, regardless of the country of manufacture.

Do check as well with your airline the specific requirements, including for Covid-19 tests, before taking your flight.

The MySejahtera certificate is recognised in France for crossing borders. You would however need to go through a specific procedure to access to the “Pass Sanitaire” (see details below).

In France, the proof of vaccination is only valid if complete, as follows:

  • 1 week after the 2nd dose for vaccines with double doses (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca)
  • 4 weeks after for single dose vaccines (Johnson & Johnson)
  • 2 weeks after one dose of vaccine for those who have had Covid-19 antecedent (only 1 dose is required)

** Compelling reasons : Who is currently allowed to enter France as an exemption from the border closure?

  • Student moving to France for the second university semester as part of a program at a higher education institution; Researcher settling in France at the invitation of a research laboratory, for research activities requiring a physical presence
  • Spouse of French national
  • Talent Passport and their family
  • Foreign officials taking up duties in France (diplomats, holders of official passports, etc.)
  • Visa for returning to France, as the main place of residence

How can I get an appointment ?

***FMCO: The visa section is opened every Monday and Friday***
The appointments have to be taken on-line (slots are opened 7 days before each session only). No appointment will be given by email.

REMINDER: Malaysian citizens don’t need a visa for less than 90 days, BUT need to verify the current conditions of entry below.

For other nationalities, please check the visa wizard:

2- Once I get my visa, what should I do prior departure to France? #

  • From 9th of June 2021, it is compulsory for travellers coming from Malaysia
  • A proof of vaccination will be asked prior departure by the airlines, and on-arrival by the French immigration

For those who are not vaccinated, but have a compelling reason to enter France (explanation above) :

  • To take a PCR test done less than 72 hours or rapid antigenic test 48 hours before their departure.
  • Furthermore, upon arrival in France, travelers have to sign a declaration (« Déclaration pour voyageur de 12 ans et plus ») committing to self quarantine for seven days. At the end of these 7 days, a new PCR test has to be done.
  • In addition, prior departure, you will have to fill-up the International Travel Exemption Certificate for Metropolitan France as well as with a declaration that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

Both declaration and certificate can be downloaded on the Ministry of the Interior’s website (“Attestation de déplacement dérogatoire vers la France métropolitaine depuis les pays tiers”). You must present these documents to airline companies, as well as to border control authorities (for travel by air, sea and land, including by rail).

It is strongly recommended that you check with the airline companies to find out what additional arrangements would be put in place by the countries through which you are transiting.

3- “Pass Sanitaire” for fully vaccinated foreigners who are entering France #

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs is setting up a specific process allowing foreign tourists vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or their equivalents to obtain a valid Pass Sanitaire on French territory.

This Pass will allow you to enter some premises such as restaurants, trains, etc.

This system is initially open to foreign tourists from outside Europe, already present in the national territory or arriving by September 30th. Requests for an arrival after this date will be taken into account later.

You can apply for a COVID vaccine certificate of equivalence if you meet the following conditions:

  • If you have not been vaccinated in a Member State of the European Union, Albania, Andorra, Faroe Islands, the Holy See, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Morocco, North Macedonia, Norway, Panama, San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, as these countries issue digital COVID certificates that are accepted by France;
  • If you are aged 12 and 2 months or over as at 1 october 2021. Below this age, you are not subject to COVID certificate requirements;
  • You have been vaccinated with a vaccine which is accepted by the European Medicines Agency or an equivalent for over
    • 4 weeks if you received a one-dose injection (Johnson&Johnson);
    • 7 days after the second injection for two-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
    • 7 days after the injection if you have recovered from COVID-19 (in this case, only one dose is necessary);
    • 7 days after a booster ARNm dose (Moderna or Pfizer) after two shots of a vaccine on the WHO’s health emergencies list (Sinovac/Coronavac or Sinopharm/BBIB-PVeroCells)
  • You are already in France or you intend going there within the coming days.

In order to obtain Pass Sanitaire, you will have to apply on-line:
For students :

More details on this procedure in this article.

The Embassy of France is not involved in the process to obtain Pass Sanitaire and will not be able to inform you on the stage of your application.

As soon as the request is processed, an email containing the QR code will be sent. This can be printed and presented on paper or in digital format and its duration will not be limited.

As a reminder, alternatively, a health pass limited to 72 hours can also be obtained through a negative test.

For unvaccinated people, a negative test of less than 72 hours is required for activities subject to the pass (restaurants, museums, major events, etc.).

For more information you can consult the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs:

4- You are looking for additional information? #

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